Become a Drama Kids Franchise Owner!

“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

How many of us still haven’t answered that question. Autumn in particular, as kids head off to a new school year, is a time when many of us reflect on our short- and long-term goals, and yearn for something different, something better.

Whether you’ve held the same job for 20 years, took time off to raise a family, or want to explore other options, now is the ideal time to consider opening a Drama Kids franchise.

Why? Because owning a Drama Kids franchise not only offers ease of entry, flexibility and profitability, you get to feel great about what you do and have fun in the process!

Drama Kids offers a carefully constructed system and professionally developed and nationally recognized curriculum that includes over 450 detailed lesson plans so that a child can enroll in Drama Kids classes beginning in kindergarten and continue through age 17 without ever repeating a lesson. You’ll start with our three-day, webinar based “Quick Start Training” program, followed by a full 40-hour on-site training week that covers everything necessary to allow you to set up your business and enjoy great success.  Drama Kids offers regular and consistent professional support, including an on-site visit shortly after attending initial training.  In addition to regular and ongoing support from the Drama Kids corporate office throughout your Drama Kids career, franchise owners also rely on each other for support and the sharing of best practices and ideas through our private franchise forum and intranet resource center.

Unlike many other franchise opportunities, Drama Kids doesn’t require a significant investment to start. You can manage your business from your home office, and classes are held at local schools or community center locations, which all translate to very low overhead/fixed expenses. Moreover, because our program runs open enrollment throughout the entire school year and Drama Kids enjoys the highest long-term student retention rates, franchise owners see more revenue per child compared with other after-school programs.

Drama Kids franchise owners come from all walks of life, including former stay-at-home moms, IT and healthcare professionals, firefighters, non-profit fundraisers, actors and educators, administrators and marketing executives. The good news is, regardless of prior training and experience, each franchise owner is set up to succeed.

But don’t rely on what is said above – check out the feedback received from Drama Kids owners, old and new alike.  Numerous franchise owner testimonials and much more information can be found on the Drama Kids franchise website (  Below is just one example of what Drama Kids owners have to say:

“I felt that if I was to go back into the workforce, I needed a job that was meaningful to me and a valuable service to others.  I’m now a positive influence to my students and I’m my own boss in my home office.  I receive great support from Drama Kids and have met some great Drama Kids owners who are now my friends.   Drama Kids has been a good investment for me on so many levels.”

– Tricia Foster, Drama Kids of Northeast Dallas, Texas

“I really wanted to do something for myself to grow and develop personally.  Drama Kids offers me a way to contribute as a teacher and recently, as a trainer of teachers, by using a class schedule that I set up and control. I can still be a great mother and wife, but also enjoy teaching fun drama classes as well.”

– Valeria Marto, Drama Kids of Columbus, GA

For more information about Drama Kids franchise opportunities, please call 1-866-809-1055, Ext. 301 or complete the “Contact Us” form on the Drama Kids franchise website: