Drama Kids Competitive Advantages

Advantages of owning a Drama Kids franchise

Curriculum Advantage

Drama Kids is an educational company and home-based franchise opportunity that shares performing art and public speaking skills with students of all ages. While classes are fun and entertaining for students – we also build life skills. The Drama Kids franchise curriculum is designed to effectively develop public speaking skills, acting skills, confidence, and self-esteem – all while the children are having serious fun! As a Home-Based Franchiser Owner, all curriculum content, music, and lesson plans are provided to you for each lesson and summer camp program.

A few ways on how we differ from other afterschool children franchises:

  • We provide a full school year program – over 30 lessons per school year.
  • We serve all age groups from Kindergarten through High School.
  • We provide completely different sets of lessons rotated over 13 years so a child will never repeat a lesson while they are enrolled with us – even if it’s for 13 years.
  • Children can enroll at any time, assuming class space is available. We do not have “enrollment time” which limits enrollment options for families. This is a tremendous business advantage for our program over other child-related businesses.
  • Parent Presentations and Participation days allow for parents to learn more about the educational nature of our activities.
  • Stand-alone summer camps – keeps Drama Kids front and center over the summer. Our camps are full day, full week camps and we provide 10 camps spanning ages 4-15.

Location Advantage

Drama Kids is a home-based franchise for non-classroom related functions specific to performing arts, public speaking and self confidence development. During the school year, Drama Kids goes to where the kids are. This system provides excellent proximity to students, convenience to parents, and a very low cost structure for the franchise owner.

DKI Community Programs are held at community centers, retail facilities such as dance studios, or other halls that can be rented in the after-school hours. Business owners who currently operate a retail facility can easily add Drama Kids to their programs. Flat, open floor space is all that you need for a booming kids business!

Drama Kids In-School Programs are offered in schools as part of a school’s after school program usually in sponsorship with the school’s PTA or PTO. Either via DKI Community Programs, or its In School Program, Drama Kids’ unique flexibility to go where the kids are is a significant business advantage. Our delivery system offers a very low cost structure to the franchise owner and considerable scheduling and travel ease for parents and students.

Summer camps are one of the fastest growing segments of the child enrichment industry and Drama Kids Summer Camp programs are in “hot” demand. Drama Kids provides the curriculum for 10 separate week-long camps you offer on either a half-day or full-day basis.

Franchise Owner Training Advantage

Prior to the opening, all Home-Based Franchise Owners are fully trained in all aspects of the business – hiring, management, teaching, marketing and administration. To make it easier, music CD’s, training DVD, operations manual, and a teachers’ manual are part of the basic training curriculum. Our 1st year New Franchise Owner Training schedule provides a one-week Initial Training Program followed by an on-site support visit during the first year.

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Marketing/Advertising Advantage

The Franchise Owner has the benefit of the Drama Kids’ trade names and logos, as well as an effective National Advertising Fund that is used to develop the Drama Kids’ brand name across the USA.

You keep your business on the leading edge of technology without extra time or cost. We maintain a high quality Drama Kids website and as a Franchise Owner, you receive 8 web pages to post items such as your class schedules, local information about you and your teachers, and student and parent testimonials.

Our advertising and marketing programs have been devised through the experience and assistance of top advertising agencies. Direct mail, newspaper advertisements, and colorful brochures and mailers are just a few ways we help you advertise your business. Our marketing programs are effective while also economical. Interest in Drama Kids is strong, both from local and national media with stories in USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Washington Post, and Franchise Times.

Business Advantages

The children’s activity industry has been one of the fastest growing segments of the economy over the past decade, and childhood enrichment interest does not stop when there is an economic downturn. Drama Kids is a recession resistant business. Parents appreciate our focus on the development of their children which Drama Kids offers at a very reasonable price.

Purchasing Benefits – The size of our Drama Kids organization provides for lower costs for you on items you will want to use in your business such as – color brochures, background check services, registration software, and our popular “Drama Rocks!” t-shirts, just to name a few.

Lastly, Franchise Owners benefit from the widespread recognition, loyalty and support that our business receives wherever it operates. Our Franchise Owners benefit from a stimulating, friendly and positive environment, which provides them with continued outstanding job satisfaction.

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