Benefits Beyond Money


Benefits Of Drama Kids Ownership Extend Beyond The Financials

Most business opportunities provide good earnings potential. Otherwise they wouldn’t exist very long. Whatever business you choose, a business owner will spend most of their waking hours each week working in their business. So we believe you deserve a business that delivers more than just good earnings potential. Frankly, life is too short. Owning a low-cost franchise for kids that not only provides after school development programs, but lifelong skills is something we want our franchisees to be incredibly proud of.  Consider what a Drama Kids franchise offers beyond the bottom line. We call this (very uncreatively) our Quality of Life Difference.ladygirlblond

We offer a home-managed business. This means no commuting. No time wasted sitting in traffic snarls. It means you’re always available to take care of morning family business before beginning your work day. It means being there when your child or spouse is sick and it means being close to your bed when you are under the weather yourself. What is the business value of being available to your loved ones?

Holidays and weekends are OFF. Unlike other businesses, we don’t do weekends. Weekends are for family and friends. You will work hard during the week so take a break. During the school year, Drama Kids classes follow the school schedules. Your actual class schedule for our after school development program is set by you with our support and assistance.

Summer is for the beach. You will want to provide at least 2 weeks of Drama Kids summer camps, and we hope you will do even more, but this still allows plenty of time to hit the beach, hike a mountain or do whatever you like to do in the summer. The free time you get when you own a low-cost franchise with Drama Kids allows you to be ready to go when it’s time to begin your back to school class enrollment season.

Be your own boss. With such free time, you will need a lot of self-motivation. We seek self-starters at our low-cost franchise for kids – people who are independent, energetic, goal-oriented, hard-working, and who flourish in an environment where they are in charge of their own destiny. Could this be you?

Make a REAL difference in your community.
When retirement comes, Drama Kids owners can look back at their results, see pictures of all their students (now adults) and know they made a big contribution by setting up their students for life long success. Remember, each single Drama Kids after school development program is focused on getting students to discover their real potential, to feel a new sense of confidence and self-worth. Your students will learn to speak up strongly and feel good about themselves enabling them to lead others. From this, they will discover paths in life they may not have previously taken. You will be proud to represent your business each day in the community, and you can be sure that at the end of your day and at the end of your career you will know the positive impact you made in your community.

For all of the above reasons, at Drama Kids – the Difference is Dramatic!

Ownership in a low-cost franchise for kids is a unique opportunity. Help kids find their love for performing arts through after school development programs!

The Benefits Of Being A Drama Kids Franchise Owner

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