Halloween Costumes the DIY way!

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Home Page, News

It’s October and that means one thing: Halloween is right around the corner! You already know that Drama Kids International loves seeing your kids tap into their creative and imaginative side, and what better way to see that come to life than by working together on a DIY Halloween costume?

Ready-made costumes can be great, but they can also come with some rather high price tags attached to them. Instead, save yourself some money and discuss some costume ideas with your child. By involving your kids in the decision-making and creative process, you’re allowing them to exercise a sense of ownership over the project, which is another fantastic way of building confidence!

You child’s DIY Halloween costume can be as simple or elaborate as desired, which is one of the best parts! It can also be a tongue-in-cheek reference to some rather well-known sayings, such as this bull in a China shop. Many items from around the house can be utilized for a DIY Halloween costume, such as using pop bottles to create a scuba diver costume.

If you need a bit more inspiration, here are some excellent DIY costume ideas from DIY Network and Country Living. We’re particularly fans of the Carl from “UP” costume!

Don’t forget to keep safety in mind when you do come up with your child’s costume or even if you buy it. Look for flame-resistant materials since candles and lanterns are popular decorations around Halloween, and keep an eye on any accessories that could be used as a weapon. Also, bright colors are especially important as they help your child stick out as it gets dark at night.

We can’t wait to hear all your DIY costume ideas and see the final products! Do you already have a costume in the works? Why not share some of them right here or on our Facebook page?

At Drama Kids, creativity plays a key role in our programming. If you’re ready to see what else we can do for your child, feel free to reach out—we’re ready and waiting to answer all of your questions.

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