“Drama Kids Wrapped” 2023

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Drama Kids Wrapped_ 2023

Have you ever heard of the Christopher Durang play The Actors Nightmare? In this play, an accountant named George is mistaken for an actor’s understudy and is thrown into a performance without any knowledge of the play. The play is very funny, but it is also a real common nightmare for many actors – young and old alike! Both professional and student actors will often have nightmares in which they forget their lines, mess up, get stage fright, or bomb an audition. Why? Well, their brains are reacting to stress and embodying all the common “actor fears”.

While our Drama Kids students are certainly brave, they all have their own “actor fears” to contend with! That’s because we all have our own strengths and weaknesses! Some of our students really thrive in improvisation. They love to discover their characters and scenes without a script and make everything up as they go along. However, some of our students prefer the comfort of a playwright’s script and structure. While some of our students love to be silly and make ridiculously big character choices, many of them struggle with “letting go” and “embracing the crazy”.

Sound a little scary? It’s not! Our goal is to face these fears head-on and give our students the tools and skills they need to turn any of these potentially uncomfortable situations into something FUN. “Having fun” is our golden rule, after all! Plus, we’ve always challenged our students to break out of their comfort zones in our classroom. Our classes are designed to be a safe space where students can explore these fears and uncertainties and transform them into sources of creativity and confidence.

One way we help our students confront their actor fears is by fostering a supportive community within our classes. We encourage students to embrace vulnerability and acknowledge that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process! Through this supportive environment, they learn that their peers are experiencing similar anxieties and that it’s perfectly okay to stumble along the way. This camaraderie not only helps them overcome their fears but also builds lasting friendships and a sense of belonging.

Our Drama Kids teachers are skilled at providing constructive feedback and individualized guidance to help students overcome their specific challenges. Whether it’s stage fright, forgetting lines, or struggling to “let go” and be outrageous, our instructors equip students with the tools and techniques to conquer these hurdles! By addressing these fears head-on, we empower our students not only to excel in their drama classes but also to apply their confidence and skills to their everyday lives. So, even when the theme of the day initially sends a shiver down their spine, our students leave class with a smile on their face and a newfound skill to tackle to world! Find a Drama Kids location near you today!

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