How Drama Classes Provide Kids With Valuable Life Lessons

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Blog, Home Page

Development through drama is what we’re all about at Drama Kids International! In addition to helping children learn and hone their drama skills, we are also developing public speaking and communication skills and instilling valuable life lessons in them through our exciting programming!

The benefits of drama classes for kids include increased academic performance and nourishment for their imagination, but there are even more  important skills that can be learned through drama classes!

  1. Confidence. By participating in drama classes, children will see their confidence boosted through the various components of the class. If your child is shy, having the chance to be in a safe environment with peers could help him or her overcome that self-consciousness! The confidence gained through our classes is something that will stick with your child throughout his or her life!
  2. Improved communication skills. There is no question that practice makes perfect, and with the practice in various communication techniques provided in our highly structured programs, your child will be a skilled communicator for the rest of his or her life. Acting training helps kids learn the art of conversation, build suspense and improve their verbal timing. It also helps them improve non-verbal communication techniques such as body language.
  3. Appreciation for differing viewpoints. The world of theater is made up of many different personalities and people, much like the world we all live in! Through drama, children learn how to take other viewpoints and ideals under consideration, as they must understand where the character they are portraying comes from. This will spill over into their adult life and help them have a better understanding for those they encounter. Being able to relate to and appreciate those who are different than your child is an extremely important life skill to have!

We’ve only cracked the surface of what life lessons children can learn through DKI programming! If you would like to discuss the multitude that exist, we’d love to chat with you. Reach out to us online, and let’s continue the conversation!

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