How to Help Your Child Overcome Worries

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Worrying—We all know how trying it can be to deal with and work through worries, but guess what? That worry bug isn’t limited just to adults.

Yes, our kids can be inflicted with plenty of worries of their own. Through our experiences working with children, our team at Drama Kids International has learned many ways to help them work through and overcome their worries and we are more than happy to share some of the techniques with you!

  1. Place their attention and focus elsewhere.This is a technique that has been used by parents and teachers alike for ages but is always nice to get a refresher on. Consider it the art of distraction, where you are drawing your child’s focus away from the worry and onto something more positive, perhaps by going outside, playing a game or turning on a favorite song.
  2. Highlight the positive.Instead of letting your children focus on worries or negative distractions, flip the script and make them consider the positives. Find out what was the best part of your child’s day, something that made him or her excited, or something that resulted in fun, positive memories.
  3. Put those worries in a jar.Sometimes the physical act of writing down what is worrying your child and locking it away in a jar at the end of each day can be just what he or she needs. As adults, we can escape our worries with television or browsing online, but a child may benefit from a more tangible wayof locking fears and worries up tight.
  4. Get those endorphins going.Yes – physical activities and exercise can be a fantastic way to help your child overcome his or her worries. Never underestimate the impact the endorphins being released and how they can make your child more optimistic about the future.
  5. Offer reassurance and comfort.We know – this is another age-old, no-brainer tactic, but it can be one of the best in your arsenal! We all can benefit from a bit of reassurance when feeling engulfed by worries, and sometimes a hug from mom or dad or words of comfort are the best way to help your child through the worst of his or her worries.

Remember, they may be young but that doesn’t minimize the worries our children have day in and day out. By utilizing these tips and making an active effort to understand where those worries are coming from, you’ll be making a positive impact in your child’s life!

Drama Kids International has experienced and well-trained teachers throughout the country who are ready and able to help your child escape their worries by focusing on positive, uplifting, and confidence-building thoughts and activities in a safe and supportive environment. Contact us today!

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