Identifying the Hidden Strengths in Your Child

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We know that our children are strong, but could there be some hidden strengths lying in wait, just hoping to be uncovered? The answer is most likely yes!

Fortunately, there are many ways we as parents can help our children discover and identify those hidden strengths.

The Importance of Strengths

Many people think of strength in physical, mental and emotional terms, but it is much more than this. Strengths are those inner qualities that can help us feel most alive—this means that they can be used to help us lead our best lives and make meaningful contributions to life.

Remember, strengths differ from interests, as interests can change over time. A strength does not disappear as we go through life, but instead usually becomes stronger.  Strengths can help your child overcome challenges, but challenges can also influence some specific strengths, such as perseverance, empathy, courage and assertiveness.

Identifying Strengths

There are three questions you should ask yourself when helping your child identify a true strength:

  1. Does my child enjoy doing it?
  2. Is my child good at it?
  3. Does my child choose to do it?

If the answer is yes to all three, a true strength has been found. For younger children this may be a bit more difficult to figure out, so you can look for tip-offs like when your child becomes so caught up in something that he or she loses track of what is going on all around.

Here are some additional tips for helping discover your child’s strengths:

  • Make use of play and imagination, as it can reveal preferences and how your child views him or herself.
  • Help find what makes him or her unique. For example, showing-off may mean that your child has a strength for entertaining.
  • Start a strengths journal, noting the things that bring joy, hold attention, garner reactions and behavior patterns.
  • Establish family traditions to help your child discover relationship strengths.
  • Listen to him or her, you’d be surprised what can be revealed through simple yes and no questions or asking “why do you think that?”
  • Forget expectations and don’t feel the need to evaluate everything.
  • Don’t compare your child to older siblings. Differing personalities equals different strengths, and siblings can be polar opposites.
  • Present your child with as many choices as possible when appropriate.

Helping your child discover those hidden strengths isn’t something that has to be taxing or stressful, instead it can be a process that occurs naturally with very little “poking and prodding.”

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