New Year, More Confidence!

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New Year, More Confidence!


Welcome to 2021! Ringing in the new year should also mean finding new ways to boost your child’s self confidence. But how does a parent go about encouraging confidence in a child who might be a bit on the self-conscious side?

We at Drama Kids International are in the business of helping kids unlock their confident sides daily!  Here are 10 tips you can work on over this year with your child:

Acknowledge when they are being brave.

Has your child stepped out of their comfort zone and done something they used to be scared of? Be sure to acknowledge this act of bravery, as this is one of the first steps toward growing out of his or her self-consciousness.

Take small steps in uncomfortable social situations.

Is your child a bit on the introverted side and working toward becoming more comfortable in social situations they would normally shy away from? This is another positive step toward becoming more confident, but encouraging them to do too much too fast is not advised. Help your child continue to ease into new social situations and get ready to see them blossom.

Model self-love and positive self-talk.

Our kids are always watching us, so by modeling self-love and positive self-talk we are teaching them how to not be so hard on themselves. We all know that accidents and mistakes happen, but instead of talking poorly about ourselves, demonstrate that it’s OK!

Give genuine compliments.

Compliment your child for something that took an act of kindness or bravery. Complimenting your child on something they have been working hard to perfect is also a great place to start.

Teach resilience.

Use the seven C’s of resilience: competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control. Embrace the seven C’s and watch your child’s resilience blossom.

Support the pursuit of a passion.

Has your child taken a keen interest in a new activity? Do your best to support him or her in this new pursuit—it’s as simple as that!

Set rules and be consistent.

Consistency in a child’s life is key to many success factors and can apply where confidence is concerned as well. Make sure your child knows the rules and that you follow them as well.

Coach relationship skills.

We’re talking about relationships with peers, teachers, advisors, etc. Your child needs to understand what healthy relationships look like on all fronts.

Help your child set realistic goals.

Never deter your child from chasing dreams.  Instead be sure to steer them toward goals that can be accomplished and crossed off the list.

Help your child prepare for public performances.

There will always be instances where your child must engage in public speaking or other performances, and by enrolling your child in one of our drama programs, you’ll be helping them put their best foot forward in these situations!

Along with your phenomenal parenting skills, Drama Kids International is able to step up and help your child build up confidence and push self-consciousness to the side with our specialized drama classes. Come find out why the “difference is dramatic” today!

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