Drama is for Everyone

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Drama is for Everyone


Summertime is typically when parents start thinking about what kids will be doing outside of the classroom. Will it be a learning and development opportunity? A new club? Tutor? Favorite sport or activity?

As you consider the options available to your kids, don’t forget about drama and the Arts.

Drama Participation Increases Academic Performance and Raises Test Scores

According to a frequently cited study of almost a quarter-million students by UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Dr. James Catterall, students who participate in the Arts don’t just do better in school, they perform in areas that drive success outside the classroom. Children who are active in the Arts demonstrate higher academic performance and standardized test scores. They are more likely to participate in community service and be elected to class office. They are also more inclined to participate in a math and science fair and to be recognized for academic achievement.

Self-Expression Learned Through Drama Instills Life Skills.

In a strong drama program, students do more than memorize lines and act. They will focus on creative skill and voice development, improvisation and movement – skills that go beyond the stage and are used every day in general communication. They work on clarity and expression, critical factors when it comes to public speaking and presentation skills, both as students and throughout their adult lives.

Drama Fosters Teamwork and Confidence

Contrary to what many think, an effective drama program actually embraces both extroverted and introverted kids. Drama Kids programs draw all kids together to share creative ideas, and all children, not just the confident, are given the opportunity to share their own ideas and collaborate. Natural leaders learn cooperation and how to include others’ ideas, and those who prefer the sidelines are encouraged to lead. All creative ideas are welcomed and encouraged so that every child feels positive about their contribution.

Drama also allows children beyond their social circle to meet new friends and build compassion for others. They learn respect and empathy by working toward a common goal with teachers/directors and fellow students.


Drama Nourishes the Imagination.

Drama instills creativity and aids children in  “thinking outside of the box.” Drama- related activities nurture spontaneity and help students think on their feet and use their imaginations.

Students learn empathy and to understand how others feel. They identify emotions and have to express them. Drama also teaches patience and commitment. Children learn through patience and perseverance that they can produce something wonderful. They learn that hard work leads to gratification. We see this every year as Drama Kids students perform in front of family and friends each spring.

Is Drama Right For Your Child?

If you talk to our Drama Kids instructors and parents and you’ll hear inspiring stories of students making monumental strides in self-confidence, public speaking and teamwork. If you ask any Drama Kid instructor they might tell you the questions they get asked all the time is, “Is Drama Kids right for my child?” These cases range from the parent of the child who memorizes all the lines from T.V. shows and dances around the living room whenever ‘Let it Go’ plays, to the parent whose child has speech delays, is extremely shy, and has trouble making friends. To those parents and every parent in between they will always say wholeheartedly – Yes, drama education is going to be perfect for your child!

Drama Kids is the world’s most powerful, beneficial, and FUN drama program, with over 10,000 students enrolled throughout the United States and over 50,000 enrolled worldwide. So whether your child is hankering for the stage or reticent to step in the spotlight, effective drama instruction – the Drama Kids way – can deliver important benefits for every student that last beyond a single play for an entire lifetime.

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