Celebrate National Crafting Month!

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March is National Crafting Month and we have some ideas to help you celebrate.

Why Should You Celebrate?

  • Crafting boosts creativity and inspiration. Creating without any limitations allows the imagination to soar. Thinking outside of the box, exploring inner life, and processing the world through creativity also builds confidence!
  • Being crafty can bring people together. Engaging in a creative activity together as a family helps strengthen bonds. Collaboration that ends in a physical product leads to a sense of accomplishment and community.
  • Handmade gifts are fun! Making a gift with love and care is truly a one of a kind experience to not only receive but to create.

Sock Puppets

Nothing is easier or more fun than sock puppets! All you need is an old sock that has lost its pair, googly eyes, buttons, yarn, markers, or pipe cleaners, and glue. If you do not have a sock to spare, you can use a paper bag, plastic spoon, paper plate, or any other household item. Check out this awesome how-to from NeedlePointers.com to learn how to put together your puppet.


Slime is no doubt a fan favorite and is so easy to make at home. There are many recipes out there to make slime but the fun comes with the add ins! You can add food coloring, shaving cream, clay, pom poms, charms… anything! Our favorite thing to add into slime is glitter. You can make your very own galaxy slime with some food coloring, glitter, and a little creativity. LittleBinsforLittleHands.com has an amazing tutorial for making galaxy slime. They even go into the science of how slime is formed!

Salt Painting

You have heard of painting but what about…salt painting! All you need is card stock paper, elmer’s glue, a paint brush, water color or food coloring, and salt! Simply draw a picture with the glue, then add salt on top of the glue and shake off the excess. Dip your paintbrush into the watercolor or food coloring diluted in water and place the color where you want on your design. Then watch the magic happen! Follow IHeartArtsNCrafts.com’s tutorial for some inspiration.


If you are looking for a more advanced craft, we recommend grabbing a few old white shirts and experimenting with tie-dye. It’s fun, easy, and while a little messy, it is impossible to mess up! There are many tie-dye kits out there to buy but here are a few tips to help the process go smoothly.

  • Prep your station. If possible, tie-dye outside. Ensure all surfaces are covered with a plastic tarp or trash bags so stray dye will not stain. Set out extra gloves. Grab towels/paper towels.
  • Prep your t-shirts or anything else you plan to dye. Most kits will have instructions for how to prep but coloring works best on 100% cotton and pre-washed materials.

Shirts are not the only thing that can benefit from tie-dye! Try a pair of socks, a hat, a scarf, bed sheets… any piece of clothing or household linens could do with a bit of pizazz!

Parents.com also teaches how to tie-dye without a store-bought kit if you are up for a challenge.

These crafts are perfect for National Crafting Month and of course for any other month too! Whatever craft you plan to do, make sure it is fun and share the experience with people you love.

Drama Kids International wishes you happy crafting! Continue building creativity and confidence through acting with one of our many wonderful programs. Learn more and get started today!

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