Summer Activities: The Drama Kids Way

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Blog, Home Page

Summer is in full swing and that means one thing— summer activities to keep the kids active and entertained.

Drama Kids International knows a thing or two about how to keep children occupied with fun activities. Since we want summer to be enjoyable for the whole family, here are 8 excellent ideas to try out!

Learn A New Skill

Have you ever wanted to take up painting or learn a musical instrument? Summer is the perfect time to do it and chances are, your child would enjoy picking up a new skill, too. There is a YouTube video for every and any skill you might want to learn, so pop on a how-to video and get started. And remember, you are trying something new. Don’t get hung up on being perfect on the first try…just have fun!

Join A Summer Reading Club

Do you have avid readers in your home? Keep on encouraging your bookworms by enrolling them in a summer reading club. Their nights or rainy days can be occupied with books, which keeps their minds and imaginations active. Your local library can be a great resource and more than likely has a book club your child can join!

Visit The Theatre

Whether it be to see a movie or a play, a night at the theatre is always a fun and enriching time. Look up the local theatre companies in your area to see what kind of children’s programming they offer. Many theatres provide daytime shows that are perfect for your Drama Kid. Your little drama enthusiast will love a trip to see a show—and you’ll be helping to support community theatre!

Have A Garage Sale

Want to teach your child the value of a dollar while ridding your home of items that are no longer needed? A garage sale (or yard sale, depending on where you’re from) is a great way to make some extra cash. Your child can help price and sell some of his or her old items and then will have a little spending money for the summer.

Rearrange The Furniture

Have your kids been wanting to redo their rooms? Let them try out their hand at interior decorating by planning a new look for their bedroom. This can give them autonomy over their own space and can be a nice refresh for the summer. It can always be changed back if it doesn’t work out.

Utilize Local Parks

Your area has built those parks for a reason, so why not go out and enjoy them? Have a picnic and invite some friends. Play some outdoor theatre games that involve a lot of movement that you might not feel comfortable doing in the home. Or just go exploring for the day! Whatever you do, remember to bring snacks, water, sunscreen, and your imaginations.

Visit An Historic Site

Practically every town has some sort of historic site either in it or nearby. Take a little trip to visit it and enjoy the history—it can also serve as a fun learning activity! Learning about the history of your hometown can help children have pride over where they grew up.

Sign Up for A Drama Camp

This one happens to be our favorite on the list! Not only do we offer year-round drama programs for children, but we also have many super fun AND developmental summer drama camps. Kids and parents rave about them every year. With tons of options to choose from, your child can celebrate summer the Drama Kids way!

Through our website, you can find a Drama Kids location near you and then learn what they’re offering this summer.

We hope that this list of 8 summer activities can help make the summer break an excellent one for you and your family. Remember, for even more drama-based ideas, you can reach out to your local Drama Kids location.

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