Benefits of a Weekly Drama Class

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The difference is dramatic at Drama Kids, but you might be wondering….how? “How can a weekly drama class benefit my child?”

Children enrolled in our drama classes are not only learning and honing their drama skills but they will also see positive growth in areas that will benefit them throughout their time in school and beyond!

Increased academic performance, healthy social skills, and a vibrant imagination are just a few reasons to enroll your child in our classes but here are a few more reasons from Scholastic.com:

Kids Who Perform Become Quick Thinkers.

Drama Kids classes are fast-paced, moving from one activity to the next in order to spark imagination and have as much fun as possible. Within the activities, students must create characters and scenes through improvisation (with no previous rehearsal, off the top of the head). Improvisation requires thinking quickly and committing to your choices with no self-doubt. Things also tend not to go as planned, and when students move away from the plan, they must not dwell on their mistakes! Instead, they must adapt and come up with something new, quickly and confidently.

Express Brand New Emotions

If a child has trouble expressing their feelings, drama allows them the space to explore them through a character! Sometimes being someone else can ease the embarrassment or hesitation when playing, acting out, or even feeling certain emotions. Putting themselves in another’s shoes can also aid in developing empathy, which is a very important skill to practice.

Their Self Esteem Can Soar

Our unique curriculum relies heavily on group scenes and teamwork. Theatre is a team sport and requires the work of many people to make magic happen. Pairing students into groups during a drama activity not only takes the individual attention away and eases performance anxiety, it also gives students a sense of personal responsibility and community. The group is counting on each student to say the lines that were rehearsed and are all in it together! Even if they make a mistake, the reward is simply getting up and performing at all and that itself can give a huge confidence boost.

There are many more opportunities for personal growth for children involved with Drama Kids International besides those listed here. Interested in learning about what our programming can offer your child? Contact your local Drama Kids today!

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