Not So Spooky Theatre Games

by | Oct 31, 2021 | Blog, Home Page

Can’t get enough Drama Kids and want to bring the magic of theatre home to share with the whole family? Here are a few themed theatre games to play!

Going On A Bear Hunt

As you go around the neighborhood Trick-or-Treating this Halloween, take the chant “We’re going on a bear hunt” and change the words to fit the occasion:

“We’re going on a treat hunt. We’re going to find some yummy ones. What a beautiful night. We’re not scared! We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. Let’s move past It!”

Encourage creativity by seeing if you can change the words even further to match the sights and sounds you see while on your walk.

Magic Elevator

If your child has their Halloween costume, let them explore their character while wearing it. For this game, have your actors press an elevator call button and step inside. As the doors open on each floor, it’s a completely different environment. Have the actors react to the environment they see by describing it and their feelings toward it.

Example: A ghost and a firefighter enter the elevator and the first floor is on fire! The firefighter might spring to action to put out the fire while the ghost cries because they are scared of fire. The elevator door closes and opens to another floor. This floor looks like a spooky forest, the firefighter turns on a flashlight and looks around scared while the ghost dances in the darkness!

Shake It Out

Call out an emotion and have the actors act them out as a character. You can give them any character that fits a theme (Example: Fall- turkey, scarecrow, leaf, etc. Halloween: witch, vampire, pumpkin, etc.) How might a pumpkin talk and walk if they are sad, happy, scared? After each character, yell “Shake it out” and the actors should shake and shimmy to reset their bodies for a new character and emotion!

Mystical Magical Stew

In the center of your circle is a cauldron that will be used to make a mystical magical stew. Take turns throwing different foods into an imaginary cauldron. Actors can throw anything, any ingredient they want, into the stew. Once everyone has contributed, mix the cauldron together and react to it bubbling and boiling. Have each person take a drink of the stew and show the effects in their voice and movement. Does it transform you into a monster? Make your voice high-pitched? Turn you invisible or make you super strong?

For more spooktacular theatre games, join a class at your nearest Drama Kids location today! Spend the holidays with new friends and expand creativity and confidence the Drama Kids way.

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