Fall Crafts for Quality Family Time

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The holidays are approaching fast and while menu planning and finding those perfect gifts for loved ones are probably near the top of the list, chances are that coming up with fun craft ideas to keep the kids involved and engaged is also something you’ve considered.

We know it’s a busy time of the year, so we’ve found three kid-approved ideas that are simple, yet fun! Not only are these activities a fun way to keep your child occupied, but they also present an opportunity for them to get involved in the holiday festivities and help with decorating!

Handprint Turkey Placemat

This activity requires some craft paper, red/orange/yellow (or whatever fall colors you prefer) paint, brown and yellow cardstock, safety scissors, and glue.

This craft is made to get a little messy with those paint handprints so make sure to cover your work surface and keep paper towels handy! After creating the turkey’s head out of the cardstock and stamping on those handprint feathers…Voila—brand-new Turkey Placemat!

Paper Leaf Table Runner

Break out the fall-colored construction paper and let your child’s creative side shine!

This is another crafty activity that lets your child become part of the decorating by having them cut out leaf designs. Once the designs have been cut out, your children can then write a few things they are thankful for on some of the leaves and display them proudly.

Glue the leaves together into small groups, to create a design that will run down the center of your table. The finished product creates a heartfelt and homemade runner for the family table.

Corn Husk Flower Painting

Corn and fall go hand-in-hand, so this craft is fun and festive just for kids!

You’ll need some dried corn husks, some non-toxic paints, chalk markers, and a hot glue gun to make this project come to life. First, an adult should hot glue the corn husks together in a flower pattern. Then allow your child to paint the “flower petals” to his or her heart’s content once the glue has dried.

The holidays are about spending time with family and being thankful. Hopefully, some of these craft ideas will inspire some quality family time and help your child embrace their creative side a bit more!

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