2022 Spring Showcase Presentations

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Every year, weekly drama classes end with Spring Showcase Presentations: small play-like presentations where each student plays a character, memorizes lines, picks out props and costumes, and collaborates with their class through teamwork to show off their public speaking skills and more! It’s tons of fun for everyone as students get to be silly and creative while showing off the skills they’ve learned and for parents when they see their child shine bright with confidence!

Check out this year’s Showcase Presentations:

This year, the Kinder Kids students (4-5 years old) will be performing “The Wedding”

“Our KinderKids kid’s theater program is an excellent way to introduce the long-term benefits of dramatic arts participation to children attending Pre-K, or Kindergarten. Each KinderKid student in our kid’s theater program is highly involved in drama enrichment classes that develops speaking skills, builds confidence, and enhances early social skills and creative learning. The Drama Kids Instructors of our kid’s theater program make sure all students feel comfortable and recognized so they will stretch and grow in a very positive environment. New scenes and activities are held in each drama enrichment class. Don’t miss the fun!”

Lower Primary students (5-8 years old) will be presenting a Spring Showcase called “The Chicken-Hearted Fox”: Life on the farm is a lot of work, and a lot of fun…until a family of devious, chicken-craving foxes attempt to break into the Giles’ barnyard.  The Giles family and barnyard animals must now work together to keep these sneaky, lip-smackin’ foxes out of their barnyard! Will they stop the foxes in time or will the foxes’ appetites be satisfied?

“The Drama Kids developmental drama program for Lower Primary provides young children ages 5 to 8 with acting, performing, and public speaking classes designed to develop clear speech, fluent delivery, and pleasing social skills.

Our acting classes for kids help to give them the confidence to be participants in all aspects of their lives, able to ask questions, seek answers and share information with others. Children who mix well with others find it easier to make friends and adjust to new situations. After taking our acting, performing, and public speaking classes, kids find school an enjoyable adventure!

Drama Kids highly trained teachers motivate and inspire the students to become articulate communicators through enthusiastic participation in a wide range of acting classes and creative activities including speech, creative movement, improvisation, public speaking, and a special year-end performance.”

Upper Primary students (9-11 years old) will be presenting “Storyland Idol” as their Spring Showcase: “We’re not in Kansas anymore!”  Take a journey with us as a rappin’ mouse, a questionably cute monster, and a wannabe super-nanny Fairy attempt to get their “big break” as they audition for STORYLAND IDOL.  These potential “idols” will be judged by all our favorite fairy-tale stars.  Will their hopes of becoming supporting roles to other famous counterparts, like Miss Muffet, Little Red, and Goldilocks come true?

“The confident, articulate child finds it easier to make friends, accept new challenges and explore new directions. The Drama Kids Upper Primary children’s theater classes are acting workshops for kids, ages 9-11, designed to help each child achieve these invaluable life skills.

Students in our Upper Primary children’s theater classes participate in a wide range of creative activities including speech, dramatic movement, improvisation, snippets and scene starters.

At the end of each year they utilize all the skills acquired in our acting workshops to perform a short, scripted production for parents and friends.

In a fun-filled atmosphere, our children’s theater classes aim to give young people ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skill in verbal communication.”

This Spring, Acting Academy students (12-18 years old) will present The Kidnapping of Kitty O’Hara: Get ready for a crime-drama set sometime in 1950’s New York City!  What will happen when a feared mob boss’s daughter goes missing?  Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… A strong story line filled with action, drama and unforgettable characters that is not to be missed!

“DKI Acting Academy provides acting classes for teens who want to expand their skills in acting, public speaking, and performing. As students participate in our drama enrichment program and stage actual performances, they build confidence and learn to think more creatively. That foundation can have a dramatic impact on academic, personal, and professional success!

DKI Acting Academy is open to all middle and high school students ages 12-18. Regular class activities in our drama enrichment program include speech training, mini-scripts (in pairs or threes), monologues, small group improvisations, character analysis, auditioning skill development, and production techniques.”


Bolstering confidence, building public speaking skills, providing an imaginative learning experience, and more! Drama Kids International is the perfect program for children of all ages. Find a Drama Kids near you today!

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