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There is just something incredible about introducing kids to the stage for the first time and watching them express themselves in their own unique way. Whether you have sent your child to a Drama Kids summer camp for years, are considering one for the first time, or need an activity to occupy your child’s time ASAP, we want to show you a few ways that make Drama Kids camps different and unique!

We Plan – To Be Flexible!

We always remember, we are teaching kids at drama camp, not adults, so we always plan to be adaptable. Of course, there could be a production to put on which requires certain things to be accomplished by the Drama Kids crew in a certain time frame but what remains the most important – we have kids to teach. The goal of drama camp is not to put on a great production (of course we aim for that), the true goal is to teach children about theater and get them excited to continue pursuing it throughout their life. This is where being flexible comes in; every child learns at a different pace. Whether it be stage-theory, characterization, blocking, or any of the many details of theater, there may be times where a certain concept has to be explained multiple times in one day or even in one week before it “clicks” and they understand.

We Lead With Respect

When directing, but specifically when teaching drama camp, Drama Kids Teachers aim to lead the kids in what needs to be done, but in a way that will be the most fun for them. To be respected, they show respect. Yes, especially as – the adult in the room, it is their job to lead the charge in being respectful. If kids know they are respected and listened to, they will show the same respect to the teacher.

Every child is different. Some children want to express their personalities freely using their attitude – without being scolded. For others, it may be listening to their idea about a scene or simply asking them how they’re doing before rehearsal. One thing is the same though; once it is figured out how a child wants to be respected, they will be respectful because of it.

Keep It Fun And Focused

Nothing spoils a good time more than being bored. And by “being bored” we mean “not having fun.” An afternoon of activities can be planned, but if the kids are not enjoying them then it is a waste of time. We encourage teachers to be adaptable and if

something does not work, instead of giving a break or allowing free time, go to a focused but fun theatre game! Theatre games allow a break from “structure” and give the playtime back to the kids to use their imagination and creativity in a lighter way. It also allows our teachers to teach something new while still giving the option to do something else.

Kids will not remember perfectly structured lesson plans, flawless rehearsals, or expensive sets and costumes – they will remember the fun times they had in drama camp with the teacher that listened to and believed in them. That is what will encourage them to pursue theater throughout their life, and that is the true measure of your success.

Drama Kids International offers a variety of summer camps to children of all ages. Check out Drama Kids Summer Camps available in your area today!

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