Why Drama Camps are a Perfect Summer Activity

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When you’re at a loss for what your child should do this summer: take a risk and choose a drama or performing arts camp.

Many families don’t know what to expect in a theatre camp, especially if they have no experience with them. Then, they just don’t sign their kids up at all. However, even if you, as a parent, don’t know much about theatre, drama camp could be a great way to open those doors for your child and family. The more your child experiences and understands as a whole, the better. Even if theatre camp doesn’t turn out to be their favorite thing in the world, at least they tried it and experienced something new!

Allow your child the opportunity to learn. In addition to new experiences, theatre camp will teach your children new skills that they might not learn in school. For example, one of the most significant concepts in theatre is to take risks.

Theatre inspires people to put their new ideas into actions, as well as discover ideas as they go. In all industries, not just theatre, creativity is on the rise. As a society, we crave fresh, new ideas to put into action. The younger children learn this, the better they will be at it when they enter college or the work world. An introduction to theatre, no matter how small, can set a child up for success.

Theatre camp will create more empathetic, creative, and outgoing children, not just more actors. If you don’t know what your child should do this summer, have them try theatre camp. Even if they don’t leave with a new passion for the performing arts, they’ll leave a more well-rounded human being.

So, Why Choose a Drama Kids Camp?

When asked why our campers return to our drama camp every year, we get answers like “it’s fun!” “I get to see my friends,” “I just LOVE theatre,” and many others.

While these are perfectly valid reasons to attend a theater camp or class, in truth, these activities are benefitting our children in a multitude of ways. One of the most obvious is self-expression and self-confidence. The Huffington Post reported in 2017:

The need for self-expression has always been a part of schools that focus on the performing arts that includes a wide range of professions from musical theater, dance, song, digital arts, and stage design. In addition, the performing arts have been an excellent tool for people with disabilities to express themselves. It is widely known that students who have been shy are attracted to the performing arts as a way to express themselves through character and become more confident through art. (“Why the Arts Are Still Relevant: Creative Self Expression Matters Even More Now”)

Drama Kids camp also encourages teamwork (without it, theatre is virtually impossible). A lot of warm-up exercises involve improv games, which require students to work together to create a scene. Even non-acting-based activities are done in groups.

Theatre and the performing arts provide an interesting way for young people to learn about empathy and compassion. In order to portray a character, you have to be able to put yourself in their shoes. This simple act of what is usually “playing pretend” for most actually encourages budding actors to learn about other people and circumstances beyond their own in a creative way. “Theater is not only an art but also a way to connect and communicate with others. Actors are able to share and demonstrate emotions and thoughts that challenge the perspective on various topics. It is not about becoming someone else on stage but rather being allowed to express myself in a unique way. Teaching this fundamental form of communication is so important. “

New friends, new experiences, and a newfound sense of confidence is something all of our campers leave with after their week of camp. It’s our hope that we continue to inspire our campers to better themselves through the arts.

Check out all of the awesome camps your local Drama Kids are offering this summer.

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