Theatre: A Gateway to Lasting Bonds

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Blog, Home Page

There is a mental and emotional bond that happens between people when they work on a production together in the theatre world, whether it be the actors or the production team. So much time is spent together, bonding in different ways, making connections, and getting to know people on a more personal level. It’s a way of working with people that does not happen in every industry or situation because of the personal, relevant journey theatre takes people on.

Emotional topics are talked about, and challenging things are discussed and then performed. There is nothing superficial and surface-like when doing a show. If you’re doing one for the first time, be prepared for a possible emotional journey.

Of course, sometimes the content of the show is not always that deep! Sometimes shows are just fun. Either way, the simple act of creating something from nothing can bring a cast and crew closer in a unique way.

For actors, a certain unique, creative bond forms when developing relationships between characters on stage and in the rehearsal room. That’s called chemistry, but it’s certain bonds like these that you won’t find in other workplaces, careers, and industries.

From the perspective of the production team, the same kind of magic can happen, but in a different way. I think when you work side by side with someone, whether it be the choreographer and the director or the director and the stage manager, it’s important to totally be on the same page with your visions or opinions and when you’re on the same page, amazing things can happen! Forming working bonds and working chemistry and dynamics as creativity flows. Feeding off of each other’s ideas and becoming invested in one another’s ideas. Passion and motivation have to match. Everyone has to want the same things.

When the energy and creativity are on that same level, awesome relationships form. Sharing similar visions and collaborating and making them happen is a perfect way to create personal and artistic bonds with your team. The entire process of putting a show together is a collaboration and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

When you share these moments with people, it’s special, and lifelong friendships, relationships, and connections can form. The theatre world opens the door to so much not only for the audience but for everyone involved.

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