Easy DIY Costume Ideas

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Sometimes the best costume ideas are born by digging in your closet 10 minutes before a Halloween party. You can create these last-minute Halloween costumes in a second, and mostly from things you already have in your home!


Chimney sweepers wear pretty basic clothes. All you need is a red bandana, a newsboy cap, some dirt and grime (with the help of face paint or eye makeup) and a broom from the garage. You can throw in some overalls, too, for a more rustic feel.


Cut some jagged edges in a green T-shirt that is a size up so it works as a dress and pair it with some green tights or leggings to create a simple poison ivy costume. Wrap artificial ivy garland around your child’s shoulders, pull a few leaves off and secure them with bobby pins in their hair, and finish the look by painting some green leaves on their face and a sprinkling of glitter.


Any long skirt will do for this. Just add a cardigan, a wide-brim hat and a large purse. If you don’t have a guitar, ask a guitar-playing friend if you can borrow their case. Otherwise, any toy guitar will do!


Have a creative little one? They’ll love this easy artist costume and will love helping you decorate the apron even more. Most craft stores sell inexpensive aprons for children. Splatter a bit of acrylic paint on it and top off the costume with a wool beret. Create a painter’s palette by cutting a piece of cardboard into the desired shape and painting some colored circles on it. Add a paintbrush, and there you have it — the cutest little masterpiece!


A long skirt, blouse and crochet cardigan quickly become grandma’s outfit when you add a pair of reading glasses. For boys, have them wear a pair or trousers and a button up shirt. If you have a sweater vest, throw that over top! The fun part comes, though, when you turn your child’s hair gray. Pour a generous amount of baby powder in their hair, massage it through until the hair looks gray.


Anything denim works great to create a car mechanic costume. To pull it together, just add a homemade mechanic name tag, a baseball cap and some grease stains using makeup. To make it even better, have them carry a can of “motor oil” and include a ride-on car for trick-or-treating.

The options for DIY costumes are limitless! Anything in your house can be used to jazz up a normal outfit and become your favorite characters. This spooky season, give a DIY costume a try!

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