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It comes as no shock that COVID took a massive toll on our student’s social-emotional health. The pandemic separated children and adolescents from their peers during crucial stages of their social-emotional development.  According to the CDC, one in 5 students had a mental health issue prior to Covid. This number has increased 26% post-covid.

Luckily, Drama Kids is here to help! Our mission has always been to make a dramatic difference in our students’ lives, and our curriculum is designed to build our students’ Emotional Learning. Using drama activities, our classes teach the five core competencies of SEL. These classes provide a safe environment that help kids develop the tools they need to regulate their big emotions.

But what IS SEL? Social Emotional Learning is a methodology that helps children better understand their emotions, feel those emotions, and demonstrate empathy for others. There are five core skills of SEL:


Children participating in a drama program report a greater willingness to be patient, persevere, and demonstrate better self-efficacy and independence. (Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in their ability to achieve a goal!) 


A drama education gives children the tools to process negative emotions through emotional regulation, empathy, and confidence!


Drama classes equip students with new skills and perspectives to tackle creative problems and complex decisions.


Stepping into the role of a character unlike themselves encourages empathy in young actors.


Students that attend drama classes demonstrated significant improvement in adaptive social behavior.

See how we can make a dramatic difference in YOUR child’s Emotional Learning! Find a Drama Kids near you today!

To learn more about how the Drama Kids program can provide a quality after-school drama education to your child, contact your local DK today!! Find a Drama Kids near you today!

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