Beyond the Stage: Exciting Summer Activities For Drama Kids

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Exciting Summer Activities

Drama Kids have a knack for storytelling, creativity, and performing… but that doesn’t mean their interests should be limited solely to the stage! While our school year programs take a break during the summer, it’s the perfect time for our students to explore a range of activities that can broaden their horizons, develop new skills, and nurture their overall growth. Let’s explore exciting activities that your Drama Kid can pursue over the summer to stay busy, expand their interests, and perhaps even hone some of their drama skills for next year!

Creative Writing and Storytelling:

Drama and writing go hand in hand, as both are rooted in the art of storytelling! Encourage your Drama Kid to channel their creativity into writing short stories, poetry, or even a book. They can experiment with different genres, characters, and plots. Writing not only strengthens their storytelling skills but also allows them to explore unique perspectives and develop their own unique voice.

Photography and Visual Arts:

Engaging in photography and art can provide Drama Kids with a new lens to capture the world around them. Encourage them to pick up a camera or a sketchbook and explore their surroundings through a visual medium. Artistic exploration nurtures observation skills, visual storytelling, and nurtures your child’s creativity!

Music and Singing:

It’s no secret that music is a powerful storytelling tool that complements theatre beautifully. (Our Take 2 kids know this well!) Encourage your Drama Kid to explore their musical talents by learning to play an instrument or singing this summer. Whether it’s joining a local choir, forming a band with friends, or simply jamming in their own space, music enhances their understanding of rhythm, emotion, and expression.

Dance and Movement:

The synergy between theatre and dance is undeniable. Dance not only improves physical coordination, flexibility, and strength but also deepens their understanding of body language and expression.

Volunteer for Community Service:

Engaging in community service during the summer break allows Drama Kids to connect with their local community while developing empathy and social awareness. They can volunteer at local shelters, organize fundraisers for charitable causes, or even use their Drama Kids skills to entertain and inspire others. Volunteering fosters teamwork, leadership skills, and a sense of purpose.

Outdoor Adventures and Nature Exploration:

Encourage your Drama Kid to step outside and embrace the wonders of the natural world. Activities such as hiking, camping, or exploring local parks not only provide a break from the stage but also stimulates creativity and provides inspiration. These outdoor adventures nurture imagination, resilience, and an appreciation for the beauty around us!

Of course, there are also Drama Kids Summer Camps for your child to explore! Find a Drama Kids summer camp near you today: https://dramakids.com/find-locations/?avia_forced_reroute=1

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