Drama and “Independence”!

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Find Your Voice

In a world dominated by screens, where virtual interactions have become the norm, it’s easy for our voices to get lost in the digital noise. As technology continues to shape the way we communicate, it’s crucial to pause and ask ourselves, “Where is my voice?” At Drama Kids, we believe in the power of the spoken word, the importance of expressing oneself, and the transformative experience of finding your voice in-class and onstage!

Obviously, voice in the most basic meaning is crucial to drama. We stress projection every year! “Speak loud enough so your Grandma in the very last row can hear you!” Yet, if we dive deeper into the meaning of voice, we can find many other applications to our program. The voice of our characters, for example. What our characters have to say, why they are saying it, how they are saying it… these factors all aid us in creating three-dimensional and believable characters.

However, the most significant focus is the voice of our students. How do they communicate themselves to peers, to people online, to the world itself? Drama Kids has always been a space for our students to express themselves freely, but now more than ever we want to encourage our students to process their emotions, #VOICE their opinions, and express themselves like never before!

Everyone’s voice can be heard…
The beauty of Drama Kids is that every child can shine on our stage. We recognize that not all our students are dramatic and boisterous outside of our classroom. They may not speak the loudest, but that doesn’t mean what they have to say isn’t important! It’s not just projection that we focus on. Listening to your fellow peers and empathizing with what they have to say is equally important. We share the spotlight, encourage creative thought, and collaborate so that everyone’s voice can be heard. Yes, even the quietest student finds a way to stand out at Drama Kids!

So, how can our more extroverted students benefit? As we mentioned earlier, voice isn’t just about speaking the loudest and proudest. We’re on a mission to challenge our students to think critically about what they have to say. Mindfulness is something that we often overlook in Drama Kids. In improvisations, we say “Don’t think! Just do!” But this mantra doesn’t apply to every form of acting – or life, for that matter! Some of our students may feel their most comfortable hiding behind big, boisterous stage energy – which we will never discourage. (It makes for great characters after all!) However, we’re never shy about encouraging our students to step out of their comfort zones. We ask our students to think critically about their emotions, why they are feeling them, and how they want to express their thoughts and feelings to the world. With these lessons, we’re hoping our extroverts will discover a brand-new way to stand out amongst the crowd!

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