What Do I Get For My Franchise Investment?

Training, Curriculum, And Support Are Included

Once you decide to make an investment in Drama Kids, Drama Kids makes an investment in you. We want our franchisees to perform well, so we do everything we can to make sure that happens. When you join our low-cost franchise organization, you will receive comprehensive educational materials for sales, classroom operations, teacher management, and supplies; marketing materials for marketing; and a launch support visit to you for added opening assistance. More importantly, invest in Drama Kids International and you’ll gain a shortened learning curve into the business, professional business coaching and great support from us, as well as encouragement and advice from other Drama Kids franchise owners across the nation.

Our training for new owners at our low-cost franchise organization is in a “class” by itself. Franchisees who invest in Drama Kids International will begin with 40 hours of classroom training, which will include business and sales coaching, classroom operations, financial management and instruction on how to manage your most important resource: people. We then follow that up with additional phone training and then spend a day on the ground with you in your classes to top you up further. When it comes to low-cost franchise organizations, Drama Kids is a leading performing arts institution here to help you find success every step of the way through your investment and training process.

Curriculum Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen

Unless you’ve seen a Drama Kids class, we’re pretty sure you haven’t seen anything like our curriculum, simply because nothing like it is available anywhere else.


Drama Kids uses a careful scheduling process in which our owners receive lessons to teach children and teens from age 4 to age 17. Using a careful curriculum rollout schedule, Drama Kids will eventually provide you with over 450 one-hour lessons that cover 13 years of a child’s life! Because many students do attend Drama Kids for many years, this ensures that no child will ever repeat one of our one-hour lessons or plays.

In addition to the above referenced lessons, our low-cost franchise organization offers a series of 10 fantastic summer camp programs. These create the opportunity to expand the programs offered to students of all ages throughout the summer months.


Drama Kids curriculum uses specific teaching techniques designed by us to keep the lessons fast-paced, fun, developmental, and ensures a very positive experience for all students in the class. Class size is kept to a maximum of 25 students to make sure that all children are recognized and strong relationships can be developed, allowing for maximum impact on students’ self-confidence. We use new lessons for each class which also keeps classes fresh, exciting and allows all students to fully participate. Invest in our focus on development through drama, and make your franchise business exceptionally unique. The difference at Drama Kids is indeed very dramatic!

Drama Kids Owners Talk About Business Support

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