What is Drama Kids?

Drama Kids helps franchisees achieve success


There are all kinds of competitive activities available to children these days. At Drama Kids, our focus is very different. With a Drama Kids franchise business, owners provide children of all ages with unique, one of a kind drama-based learning and developmental after school drama programs that have been carefully created and refined over the last 35 years to benefit students throughout their school-age and adult lives.

We currently teach more than 50,000 students throughout the United States and 24 countries overseas. Our franchises’ after school drama programs offer activities designed to allow children to enjoy a very positive, fun-filled experience while also developing:

Other Franchise Opportunity Facts

  • All class sizes encourage participation.
  • Classes in our after school drama programs consist of fun, participatory activities led by well-trained, enthusiastic and supportive teachers.
  • We feature a carefully created, developmental and age-appropriate curriculum.
  • Everyone gets to participate and everyone has a voice.
  • No two classes are ever the same. Children and teens continue to learn new skills every year.
  • Kids can proudly demonstrate their new skills at our performances held throughout the year.

In summary, Drama Kids can give children the confidence to think big, speak up, and play an active role in society, while providing you with a unique kid’s franchise business opportunity. These same skills can be the building blocks that help children achieve personally, academically, and professionally. If you are looking for the opportunity to start a kids franchise organization, enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss, and have a passion for working with kids, complete our Request Franchise Information form today.

Drama Class having fun

Our History

In 1979, Helen O’Grady, a trained teacher, drama expert and popular actress, in Perth, Australia, began offering after school drama classes for children. Her goal was to provide a developmental program for children through drama, to encourage:

      • Enthusiasm and a positive approach to life
      • Self-confidence and Self-esteem
      • Skill in verbal communication and public speaking
      • Effective social interaction
      • Strong leadership and collaboration skills

Because of an overwhelming, enthusiastic response from parents and students, by 1987 classes had been established in 24 suburban locations around Perth. During these years, extensive curriculum material and effective teaching methods were devised resulting in the compilation of a unique development program for children through drama. Since that time, the franchise system expanded into 24 additional countries around the world with over 50,000 students currently enrolled, making it the most popular after-school children’s drama program in the world, offering developmental drama classes for toddlers, kids, tweens and teens.

Our unique after school drama programs have been internationally recognized for their creative drama curriculum and teaching methods that are great fun and highly developmental for all children. Many students discover the joy of acting and decide to pursue further stage work, while many other students attend because we help build important skills for success that are used in whatever careers our students pursue.

In 2000, classes commenced in the United States under the name, Drama Kids International (DKI). Since then, Drama Kids businesses have been started in 50 locations throughout the U.S., with over 10,000 students enrolled in our programs in the past year.

Drama Kids Business Owners Describe What We Do

Drama Kids Programs

JUST AN HOUR A WEEK CAN MAKE A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE! We have programs for all ages from 4 to 18 years of age. Kids love the fun. Parents love the results.

KinderKids Program
Age: 4-5 years
Emphasis: Self-confidence and working together
Activities: Speak-up skills, creative movement and interactive drama

Lower Primary Program
6-8 years
Emphasis: Clear speech, creative thinking, self-confidence, and teamwork
Activities: Speech training, dramatic movement, structured improvisation, and dialogue development

Upper Primary Program
Age: 9-11 years
Emphasis: Developing the ability to express thoughts and ideas, and building acting skills
Activities: Speech articulation and projection exercises, mini-scripts, and group improvs

DKI Acting Academy
Age: 12-18 years
Emphasis: Interviewing, acting and auditioning skills
Activities: Speech training, mini-scripts, monologues, small group improvisations, character analysis, and production techniques

Our curriculum is cycled over several years in a planned schedule such that a child will never repeat a lesson, even if attending each week for an entire 15 year period! In addition, new enrollments can be accepted each week. New students do not have to wait for the next “sign-up” period! This is a tremendous business advantage for our program over other child and kid-related businesses.

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